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2015 Larry Hurt Excellence in Arts Education ARTI Award Winners Announced

At the Arts Council of Indianapolis’ annual Start with Art luncheon on Friday, September 4, two local arts educators were awarded the 2015 Larry Hurt Excellence in Arts Education ARTI Award. The winners are…


Abigail Wolf

The first 2015 Larry Hurt Excellence in Arts Education ARTI was awarded to Abigail Wolf, an arts teacher known for innovation and creativity at Meredith Nicholson Elementary School. Mary Siefert, Principal of School 96 said of our first honoree, “Creativity is an area of strength for her. She always has ideas that engage the students in learning. She is a rare find: well-trained, ambitious, and dedicated: a competent professional that promotes the love for art among our youth.” In addition to her school duties, this individual teaches a summer program and countless workshops as well as serves on the curriculum development team for Art with a Heart. As part of the nomination, Art with a Heart CEO Andrew Lee said, “She stands out as one of our most committed staff members and she is resourceful, engaged, and passionate about teaching the arts.”


Tracey Suchy

The second 2015 Larry Hurt Excellence in Arts Education ARTI was awarded to Tracey Suchy, an art teacher at West Newton Elementary School in Decatur Township. In addition to her classroom work, she hosts outreach programs to connect the school to the community and recently led the creation of three totems representing Indiana, West Newton Elementary School, and Decatur Township that became the township’s first outdoor art installation. She organized residencies in photography and video game design to support the units of study on the life and work of architect Frank Lloyd Wright and graphic artist M.C. Escher, elevating the level of arts integration and enriching student learning. West Newton principal Susan Strube said, “she works tireless –days, evenings and weekends, with students, visiting artists and community members to ensure that the arts are alive and well at West Newton Elementary.” Joining Arts for Learning in nominating this teacher was Jim Poyser, Executive Director of Earth Charter Indiana. He said, “I work in a lot in schools all over the state. She is by far the most extraordinary art teacher with whom I work.”

John F. Kennedy Center Announces Any Given Child Indianapolis

(WASHINGTON)—The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts has chosen Indianapolis, Indiana for Ensuring the Arts for Any Given Child, a program that creates a long-range arts education plan for students in grades K-8.  The program will incorporate existing resources of Indianapolis Public Schools, the Arts Council of Indianapolis, and local arts organizations, and the Kennedy Center to create a plan for arts education specific to the city. Any Given Child seeks to bring access and equity to each student’s arts education, using an affordable model, with the assistance of expert consultation services provided by Kennedy Center staff and other professionals. Indianapolis is the 18th site across the country to join the program.

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