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Sunday, September 11
Week of Giving Day 1

Monday, September 12
Week of Giving Day 2

Tuesday, September 13
Week of Giving Day 3

  • 3:30 pm, Professional Indy Arts Educators Network Meeting at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis 
    RSVP required

Wednesday, September 14 
Week of Giving Day 4

Thursday, September 15
Week of Giving Day 5

  • Any Given Child Indy Committee Meetings, RSVP required
      – 8:30 am, Budget & Resources Committee at Harrison College
      – 10 am, Professional Development Committee at Arts for Learning
      – 12 pm, Evaluation & Assessment Committee at English Foundation Building
      – 2:30 pm, Creative Engagement Committee at WFYI

Friday, September 16
Week of Giving Day 6

Saturday, September 17
Week of Giving Day 7

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