Fishers Student Donates to IPS #94

IPS George Buck School #94 was recently the recipient of a generous donation of art supplies through our Any Given Child Indy Pilot School program. Mr. David Newman, IPS K-12 Fine Arts Instructional Coach, was contacted by a family who wanted to donate art materials to a school in need. Mr. Newman chose George Buck, who recently hired an art teacher after not having anyone to teach there this year. The teacher, Beverly Thomas, had no art supplies and was making do with what had been left for her. The family, Tracy Pendlum and her daughter, Adrea, had a garage full of brand new art supplies that Adrea had asked be collected. Adrea, an excellent artist and student at Riverside Jr. High School in Fishers, generously donated her supplies to the Any Given Child effort. It is through this kind of grass-roots involvement and generosity of people like Adrea and the Pendlum family that “Any Given Child” can experience enhanced fine arts experiences. Thank you Adrea!

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