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Local Nonprofit Lead by Students Donates to Any Given Child Indy

Meg and Kate Dimmett present a check to IPS School 70.

Notable Measures, a local nonprofit that works to raise funds and awareness to support youth music education, donated $300 to Any Given Child Indy this month. Kate and Meg Dimmett started the organization at the beginning of the year, when they were 13 and 10 years old, respectively. Their organization recently gained nonprofit status in April. Kate says, “The idea began around the holidays when our family was discussing ways we could focus on giving to others. We were in the process of looking for a new violin for me, and I saw how expensive it was to purchase a quality instrument. Combined with the cost of lessons and participation in orchestra programs, music camps, etc., I realized that not all kids would be able to pursue music at an early age because it can be very expensive. We thought about ways that we could raise funds for kids to have more opportunities to participate in music programs and provide performance experiences for youth musicians as well. Notable Measures has been a way to do both.”

When asked about the role the arts have played in her life, Kate says, “Music and the arts have played a huge role in my life. Starting at age three, I began playing my first instrument. At that time, I didn’t really understand the true importance and value of music education. There was even a point in my life where i didn’t know if I wanted to continue. However, my parents encouraged me to stay with the violin. Once I started 5th grade orchestra and played with others my age, I realized how much I enjoyed music and saw the true impact it can have. Music has changed my life. I now play three instruments and sing. Once I start practicing or rehearsing, I just go into this state of mind where I forget any negative thoughts and just relax, play, and feel happy. This is what I want for all kids.”

Kate will be entering high school in the fall, so this experience of running a nonprofit has been new to her. She says, “There have been so many positive things about this experience, and there have definitely been some challenges also. I have to check my email and social media pages daily in order to stay in the loop with messages regarding upcoming events or concerts, as well as asking for donations and learning to speak in front of large groups of people.  Because this has all been a new experience for me, there have definitely been challenges; but it has been so rewarding. It is such a great experience to support, fund, and raise awareness about the importance of something that has been so important to me my siblings. Music has changed our lives, and donating to schools and other organizations to help give other kids a chance to do what we love has been exciting.” 

Notable Measures raised over $2,000 within its first two months, and Kate and Meg have already presented a check to IPS School #70 this past spring. They plan to play at local venues and events, along with their peers, to help raise money and awareness for their organization and make an impact on other students’ music education in Indiana. Their next performance will be at The Scoop in Zionsville at 7:30pm on August 12. 

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