REPORT CARD: 4/14/17 Steering Committee Meeting

In September, during National Arts in Education Week, Any Given Child Indy will announce the pilot schools and their partner arts organizations for the 2017-2018 school year. That was the decision made at the April meeting of the Steering Committee leading up to a May meeting with principals. It’s an exciting time. What does an Any Given Child Indy partnership look like? As you know, the focus is on reducing the gaps in arts instruction in K-8 schools and this is being accomplished by leveraging local resources. In the pilot schools, local arts organizations will help fill the gaps that IPS has not filled in the areas of theatre and dance instruction. In addition, other resources and partnerships will be announced during National Arts in Education Week that will help expand direct arts instruction for students in other areas; build the capacity of the district to strengthen school-based arts instruction across all schools; and new systems to improve coordination of partnerships including field trips and other co-curricular programs for K-8 students in Indianapolis Public Schools, as well as the Mayor’s Charter Schools.

Ernest Disney-Britton
Director of Grant Services & Education Partnerships
Arts Council of Indianapolis

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