REPORT CARD: 6/9/17 Steering Committee Meeting

After a year of speculation, the first preliminary budgets for Any Given Child Indy were reviewed at the June 9th meeting of the steering committee. A final “proposed” budget will be presented to the public in September during National Arts in Education Week. The budget responds to all four of the program goals and leverages the resources of the local community to engage and inspire students to create, perform, and respond to all art forms leading to lifelong creative engagement. It is divided into four sections: (1) weekly arts instruction; (2) co-curricular activities; (3) professional development; and (4) administrative/communication support. The budget is driven by knowledge of the gaps and barriers to arts education in Indianapolis Public Schools as identified in the 2015 baseline survey, and it accomplishes three things:

(1) Provides direct arts instruction for students during the school day to fill the gaps; (2) Bolsters the capacity of the district to strengthen school-based arts instruction across all 66 schools (public and charter); and (3) Improves coordination of partnerships between schools and arts organizations to produce higher-quality arts programming in the schools, in collaboration with core academic teachers, fine arts teachers and school leaders.

Ernest Disney-Britton
Director of Grant Services and Education Partnerships
Arts Council of Indianapolis

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