REPORT CARD: 7/14/17 Steering Committee Meeting

As students, parents, and teachers have been preparing for the new school year, the Steering Committee of Any Given Child Indy has also been busy working hard to prepare for the 2017-18 year. Following the budget and design work completed in the past year, the committee is now at the beginning of program implementation.

All nine pilot schools have signed agreements, and they will spend most of this coming school year working directly with the Professional Development Committee and two arts partners to plan full weekly instruction. The Professional Development Committee has put together a timeline for pilot schools to provide them with guidance and resources as we move towards integrating theatre and dance instruction into the schools. Moving into the new school year, the next big event to look forward to is Arts in Education Week, September 10-16, 2017.

The Steering Committee has also accepted a $300 donation from Notable Measures, a nonprofit started by local students to help others’ receive arts education.

The Steering Committee of Any Given Child Indy accepts a $300 check from Notable Measures.

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