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REPORT CARD: 5/12/17 Steering Committee Meeting

With our eyes on filling the gaps in arts instruction (K-8), Any Given Child Indy completed the design of a pilot for 2017-2018. The pilot schools will be publicly announced in September during National Arts in Education Week (Sept. 10-16, 2017), but the participants come from all three systems within the Indianapolis Public Schools: Traditional, Innovation, and Charter. Filling the gaps in arts instruction for dance and theatre is the priority for Any Given Child Indy, but also tackling the issue of access to information for both teachers as well as arts organizations.

We believe we’ve come up with dynamic ways to tackle the barriers locally, including some that are unique to Indianapolis and others that are nationwide. Thanks to the collaborative work of local arts organizations, we’ll soon announce new ways to address the teacher desires for increased Professional Development. Thanks to the encouragement of arts organizations like the Indianapolis Museum of Art and The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, we will pursue exciting new ways to improve access for families and teachers. I am particularly excited about the focus on arts activities planned during National Arts in Education Week that will spotlight the pilot program, but also highlight the amazing arts education work being accomplished throughout central Indiana. If you are interested in working on National Arts in Education Week, this is the year to do it. Please contact Leesa Jing at to sign-up.

Ernest Disney-Britton
Director of Grant Services & Education Partnerships
Arts Council of Indianapolis

Any Given Child Indy Launches Communications Toolkit

Do you want some tips on how to talk about arts education and Any Given Child Indy? A new Communications Toolkit is now available online. Developed by the Any Given Child Indy Creative Engagement committee, the toolkit provides talking points, tips to begin conversations about arts education, how to write a blog post and letters to the editor, and ways you can become involved with the initiative. Since Any Given Child Indy’s inception in 2015, teachers, artists, and other supporters have said they needed a tool to help them be better advocates for arts education. Learn how to become a voice for arts education and Any Given Child Indy by reviewing our toolkit for all constituents and advocates. Download a copy of the Communications Toolkit.

Click to download.

REPORT CARD: 4/14/17 Steering Committee Meeting

In September, during National Arts in Education Week, Any Given Child Indy will announce the pilot schools and their partner arts organizations for the 2017-2018 school year. That was the decision made at the April meeting of the Steering Committee leading up to a May meeting with principals. It’s an exciting time. What does an Any Given Child Indy partnership look like? As you know, the focus is on reducing the gaps in arts instruction in K-8 schools and this is being accomplished by leveraging local resources. In the pilot schools, local arts organizations will help fill the gaps that IPS has not filled in the areas of theatre and dance instruction. In addition, other resources and partnerships will be announced during National Arts in Education Week that will help expand direct arts instruction for students in other areas; build the capacity of the district to strengthen school-based arts instruction across all schools; and new systems to improve coordination of partnerships including field trips and other co-curricular programs for K-8 students in Indianapolis Public Schools, as well as the Mayor’s Charter Schools.

Ernest Disney-Britton
Director of Grant Services & Education Partnerships
Arts Council of Indianapolis

Teacher Feature: Edison School of the Arts School 47 Music Teacher, Amber Price

Amber Price, General Music Teacher at Edison School of the Arts School 47 was selected to attend the Kennedy Center Arts Integration Conference in June 2017 on behalf of Any Given Child Indy. Ms. Price will be attending the conference from June 26 – 28 in Arlington, Virginia.

When asked about what she is most looking forward to, Ms. Price said, “I am very excited about the opportunity to attend the arts integration conference in June.  I truly believe in arts integration for children, and this will be a wonderful example of how to incorporate the arts and learning.  I am thrilled I will get to experience many examples of arts integration by expert teachers, and will enjoy bringing these ideas back and sharing them with other teachers at my school.” 

About Ms. Price

Ms. Price is the elementary general music teacher at the Edison School of the Arts, where she teaches kindergarten through 5th grade music classes. On top of teaching elementary music classes, she also helps with the middle school instrumental music program and teaches kindergarten creative movement classes.

REPORT CARD: 3/15/17 – Wrapping Up the 2016-2017 School Year

Professional Development Committee Co-Chair, David Newman (Indianapolis Public Schools) shares the committee’s plan to implement Professional Development for arts specialists and arts integration in the pilot schools.

In March, we hosted a hugely successful Year II wrap-up meeting of arts organizations, teaching artists, and IPS educators at Arts for Learning. This gathering featured year-end presentations by initiative leaders who have worked this year in addressing gaps in arts education. Brenda Johnston, Butler University (Goal 1), secured approval of the external communications toolkit; and a plan for parent engagement; Andrew Black, Central Indiana Community Foundation (Goal 2), presented the baseline criteria for programs and the three tiers of arts organization engagement; David Newman, Indianapolis Public Schools (Goal 3), reported on the scheduling professional development for IPS arts specialists for fall/winter 2017/2018 including teaching artists from the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts; and Greg Wallis, Harrison College (Goal 4), advanced the draft job description for a school arts liaison and proposed a plan for web portal selection process. The March meeting concluded the subcommittee work of the Professional Development Committee, Evaluation & Assessment Committee, and Budget & Resources Committee. Only the Creative Engagement Committee has plans to continue meeting this spring/summer as they prepare to celebrate National Arts in Education Week in September.

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