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Report Card 12/4/15: A Vision Defined

Today’s meeting was fast and furious! We began by adopting a vision statement: “The Community Arts Team is committed to ensuring ongoing comprehensive and quality arts education for all K-8 students in the Indianapolis Public Schools. We will unite schools with the diverse cultural richness of our community to engage and inspire students to create, perform, and respond to all art forms leading to lifelong creative engagement.”  This statement (two months in development) is designed to guide the analysis and decision-making as we move forward.

Additionally, the group was presented with the data from November’s survey of arts organizations about their arts education engagement with Indianapolis Public Schools. There were 53 organizations who participated in the survey, with budgets ranging from $65,000 to $28 million. Of that total, 100% of the 45 organizations funded by the Arts Council of Indianapolis participated in the survey. This is all preliminary data, and two highlights included the fact that every IPS school has “some” level of engagement with an arts organization. Additionally, there is a huge disparity in the range of engagement. The next step is to survey the schools, and in January we will begin merging the results of all the surveys. It’s all very exciting, but there are only four meetings left and so much more to do!  

Ernest Disney-Britton, Arts Council of Indianapolis, Director of Grant Services & Arts Education

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Report Card 11/6/15: A Vision Quest

The second meeting of the Any Given Child Indy Community Arts Team, led by the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts opened with a welcome from Dr. Wanda LeGrand, Deputy Superintendent of the Indianapolis Public Schools and ended with the completion of three survey instruments finalized by the Community Arts Team (CAT). We had a full-house today as the CAT concluded the second of two sessions where we decided on what core data is needed to develop a plan for arts education in Indianapolis Public Schools. Planning begins with knowing where we are now, and the first of three surveys will be released this month where we will collect data from arts organizations and individual artists. The CAT also continued an energized discussion about a shared Vision Statement for the public schools. The plan is to finalize that Vision Statement at the December meeting. This month’s homework for the Community Arts Team is to review the Vision Statements of other Any Given Child Program sites via the Kennedy Center’s website. I can’t wait until we get together next month!

Ernest Disney-Britton, Arts Council of Indianapolis, Director of Grant Services & Arts Education


CEO/Board Chairs 10/28/15 Meeting Takes Education Action with Any Given Child Program

Indianapolis arts leaders took action and met to discuss major arts education initiatives including Any Given Child Indy at our CEO/Board Chairs meeting at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis on 10/29/15.

Currently, the Any Given Child partners and project team are in the planning stages, and are visioning for the program and surveying for arts education data in Indianapolis.

Interested in getting involved in the Any Given Child program? Simply stay tuned to the website and upcoming e-news for ongoing updates.

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Report Card 10/9/15: Inspirational Community Arts Team Meeting

The first meeting of the Any Given Child Indy Community Arts Team, led by the Kennedy Center, was dizzying, exciting, and inspiring. There is a great deal of data-driven work ahead, and we have the right people on this team to dream big in order to make big things happen for the children of Indianapolis Public Schools. Today, we broke up into three survey development groups: (1) School Arts Mapping group; (2) School Personnel Survey group; and (3) Arts Organization/Artist Surveys group. We also defined the Working Group – the six individuals who will do most of the implementation work between the monthly meetings of the Community Arts Team. The six Working Group members are: Andrew Black, CICF; Ernest Disney-Britton, Arts Council of Indianapolis; Rilyn Gibson, Statistician; Kristin Hines, Office of the Mayor; Dr. Wanda LeGrand, Indianapolis Public Schools; and Gayle Thomas Strong, WFYI. The next step is to fine-tune the surveys developed today; and then to launch the survey process at the end of November.  

The homework assignment for the entire Community Arts Team was to read: Channeling Change: Making Collective Impact Work and we will reassemble in November.  
Ernest Disney-Britton, Arts Council of Indianapolis, Director of Grant Services & Arts Education

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